Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in life_on_earth,
Kipling's Cat

Survival or contribution?

Good Morning!!! * beams brightly and gives whole world a hug*
I am of to work shortly, and when I get there, I go in whistling thru' the gate, smiling ateveryone and then throw myselg enthusiastically into whatever needs doing. Doesn't it just make you sick? I mean , what is that Minto Grubb on< and isn't it illegal?

Actually, Minto has a secret. let me stop talking in the 3rd person and explain , before the mood police come and get me.

We have all got a choice. We can face life looking to make it through or to make a contribution.

If you look to make it through, you might just survive. You do the minimum and withdraw into yourself. Sure , you can do that. Let some other sucker rush their ass off while you sit backa nd take it easy. i mean, they say that God loves those who are cheerful, humble and hard workers, but you have noticed that God made sloths, leeches and peacocks, right? So, if animals can gat by on pride and laziness, maybe God has some explaining to do.

So lets examine the two ways to approach life, huh? Suppose I were to do nothing , but get the most I can for the least amount of work. life is not geared to work that way. Everything in nature, from my immune system to the IRS, is geared towards shaking off parasites and achieving optimum efficiency. it is hard work dodging the column. sure, I can do it, and many do, but life is on your case, so you better make the effortif you are gonna be lazy.

Now suppose we take a look at the Minto method. I mean, look at that sucker, always volunteers for this and that; does a job so well, you would think he enjoyed it. Well, the fact is, he does put himself out, and the day just flies by.rather than trying to withdraw and demand mor pay for less work, Minto is always coming up with ideas to improve things. Some of them get implimented, but he does not get paid for this , so why bother? well, is Minto's job secure? I mean, if there are cut backs , Minto would be the last to go, and even if the firm does go bust, Minto has learned a lot about his business and can take skills he has learned elsewhere. at present, he works a different shift to everyone else, and is allowed to concentrate on doing what he really enjoys. the boss is on his side, not on his case, because he can justify his own place in the team over and over.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Go into the day with an attitude of wanting to learn something , and you will make discoveries, go into work in order to contribute, and Life will reward you.

Do you come from Contribution or Survival in your dealings with Life? Life blesses our contibutions, but those who 'just get by', will just get by - whether at school, or work.
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