Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in life_on_earth,
Kipling's Cat

Owning the issues and managing change

A big problem for many people these days is that

a)life is very complicated and
b) too much is happening
so that
c)it's hard to keep up and stay on top of things.

So I think we should start by disscussing ways of coping with this. For some, the answer is to retreat into a fantasy world where they become passive spectators of what goes on, and nothing happens here that is challenging in any way.

Examples include football, Big Brother on TV, Soap Operas and the like. These hold a fascination over millions of people because they present an illussion of drama and action, but if you look at the outcomes in the lives of the spectators, you see none. They simply confirm whatever prejudices or points of view hat the spectator holds, and life still happens " out there" for the people watching.

To get more out of life, you must put more in. So let's talk about that.
when I was running my own business, I soon found out that people came in two sizes. There were people who could make decisions and do results, and those who wanted everything done for them while they sucked passively on the teat of life and took whatever came up, however grudgingly. For some people, it's a case of "somebody ought to do something about it" - but 'somebody'is never them.

Look at the big people in history, people like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Wilberforce, and anyone else who created great social change. these people had the attitude of "If it's going to happen, it has to be me that makes it happen". It was a caee of them deciding to be active participants, not passive spectators, in what happened.if their was a problem, it was *their* problem and *they* would fix it. Martin Luther was only a lowly believer, one of many millions in the Catholic Church when he nailed his grievances to the church door in Wittenburg in Germany. It was for Popes and Cardinals to lead the Church in those days, but he ended up having far more impact than any of them - because he took ownership of the issue. he came at life as an active participant, not a pasivve spectator, and carried the day.

Once you assume responsibility, though, it is really scarey. for most people, life just takes them along, and they sit back and stare at the view. for me, the problem with that is that someone else is deciding where we go today and will dictate the view we get from the window. For the active participant, though, there comes a sense of responsibility. you really get to confront who you are, because if it happens it's down to you.

Actually, this was always true. It was true when you deided to live life through others and be pasive by default - but then, you could alsways blame 'them' for how bad it was. Now, your results are down to you. Nothing is going to happen unless you can make it happen, so 'how big, and how good are you anyway?' is an immediate and obvious question.

Do not assume that the situation is static. Living life in the fast lane brings challenge and brings growth. change your world and you change with it. If you have access to a computer and can use it to blog, you have all that you really need. You have far more than many have, certainly more than i had 20 years ago.

But, change is scary and when faced with uncertainty, people like to retreat to the certainties they knew rather than embrace the new, the different and challenging situation that change will bring.

" It's the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance.
Its the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance.
Its the one who won't be taken
finds it oh, so hard to give,
and the soul afraid of dying,
that never starts to live"

Change is part of life. If you don't change and become changed, you never really live, you just exist. we must embrace change and seek it out, for it enlivens us. However, for some, the change is superficial. men , I have to say, are prone to making the mistake of creating change in order to make their mark, and having change for the sake of change. it is often neccessary to involve others, to get their input and allow them to make decisions on things that affect them. only if others have a stake in the outcome do they feel that they own this change and fell a sense of commitment to making it work. If, though, they do feel that it's about them, and they will see some benifit from it, will they support it and give it their own energy and help make it happen.

Remember also, that big changes happen over time. they are hard to achieve, difficult to manage and are often off putting for these very same reasons. To be appealling, change must be gradual.

Big and sudden change, imposed from on high, is frightening and puts people off. even people who want those changes to happen find the scale intimidating at first. A small and managable amount of change, however, most people will readily accept and find a use for. Even if it is only getting a can of Coke out of the machine...

In this community, I hope to create a space where we can manage change and growth can happen; for us personally and for the world we live in. The problem with self help books and their gurus is that there is no chance of personal interaction, and the money tends to go up and away instead of coming down to those who need it - like us! This is definitly something I want to change!
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