Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in life_on_earth,
Kipling's Cat

The Peter Principle

Many years ago, a management consultant coined what he called "The Peter Principle", the idea was that people get promoteduntil they reach the limits of competance nd then get promoted again!

Supposing a chap makes a good mechanic. he has real skill in fixing things, and is better than most. someone is bound to put him in charge. Now fixing things is not the big issue, it may be that some things are best thrown out, but he will take the most hopeless case and stay at it, becuase he sees it as a challenge. however, economically, it may be a beter idea to write it of and buy a new one.

And so it goes that not everyone is capable of doing their boss's job. However, in society these days , promotion is seen as a reward. People do not want a job - they want a career. True, some may have what it takes to reach the top, but that is not everyone.

We need to focus on seeing success as a job well done, not as an important post filled , but filled poorly.of course, it would help if the money went with it, and it is very likely that we need to re-evaluate how we as a society see things. At present, a band like the Spice Girls can , and do earn far more than a group of nurses, or even brain surgeons. I sense that something is wrong with any system that throws up a result like that.

Yet, for all the money that film stars and singers seem to get, it does seem that happiness eludes them. It seems to me that we need to focus more on what we are, rather than what we have got, in order to achieve lasting happiness.
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