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Life's Ultimate Secret.

"In a world like ours, what use are things like music, literature or painting? Surely we should focus on feeding and clothing ourselves?"

" Basically, you have to remember that the customer is like one of Pavlov's dogs. If you push the right buttons, you get a sale out of them. Success is about learning to find and push those buttons."

" Work is for mugs. You want to make big money, easily? Forget about studying for a PhD - be a crack dealer."

Maybe you have heard these sentiments before. I certainly have. And there are those who can point to experience and example to back up the claims that this is true. It has to be said though, that I reject all these claims - for the following reasons...

When I was a lot younger, having spent a few years working on the shop floor, I eventually landed a job as a management trainee with a big American firm. the course involved the practical side of the business, done in the restaurant, and a good deal of theory, done in class at their HQ in Kenton, London.

It was there that I learned about Life's Ultimate Secret, and that is what I have decided to share here today.

Suppose we draw a line on a sheet of paper _________________
We can use this to represent our Physical Needs. Air, food, water, clothing , shelter, that kinda stuff. Yet are people generally satisfied with such? No , because people who have these things try to secure a permanent supply thereof. In our culture, money gets you most of this stuff, but most people aim for a regular job, a place they can own. What we might term 'Long term security'.
And so we get two lines.
__________________________ Security needs
______________________________________________ Physical needs

And if people acheive this, there is still a need for relationships. there is a 'need to belong', to be part of a group. people who have material needs totally met find that they have Social Needs, and that adds another line
________ Social Needs
________________ Security Needs
__________________________ Physical Needs.
So are we there now? Is our life complete, and are we happy? Well, no. As we get to this level, we suddenly find that, at first, it's about 'fitting in'. We want to be welcomed and accepted by the group as a whole, but eventually, we begin to feel that this is not enough.
We want the biggie - we want the ultimate that life can offer we want *roll on the drums - cue TV Game show voice over* ... Acceptance on our own terms. Yes folks, it's not about owning a beach hut in Malibu, or your own sixty metre superyacht, its about self expression and being able to find acceptance of yourself in your own peer group. You might pick up the odd superyacht along the way though, or even spend some time in Malibu, though - who knows....

Its about finding, and being, the person that *you* really are.
Maybe you really *are* a badass punk and a 'most wanted' crack dealer, or a two faced, weasel eyed salesperson who is so crooked that you can sleep on a cork screw, or even a genuinely talented concert pianist of rare and outstanding ability. But if you are not allowed to do wat you do, and be the things you most are, you never achieve that happiness that comes with the acknowledgement of your peers...Most of us are not any of that, but who are we? Who are you?

That is it folks. You can pack up, go home and stop reading LJ. Lifes ultimate secret is
Find out who you are, develop your full potential and express it.

So, who am I? Who are you? How do we find that out? We now know *about* the secret, but have not actually found it. We will never know that until we find our true selves.

This is where the idea of this group first came from. Like Frodo Baggins, I am determined that I will seek my destiny, the ultimate quest, though I do not know the way. Like him, I am hoping that others will join me, and that we shall journey together. They will not call us the 'Fellowship of the Ring' or such, and no - I don't want a tattoo in elvish - for one thing, I hope that we become more than nine! They can still cue the heroic music, though!
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