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Life on Earth

Living life - on our own terms.

Life, The Universe and LJ
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This community is all about Life on Earth.

Do you know what kinda qualifications you need to be a 'Life Coach'?
Absolutely none! This means that most of us are seriously over qualified! Yay, go us!!!

So, if you always wanted to hang out with the most wonderful, coolest people on the planet, congratulations, you have found us!!!

You want to learn how to make brilliant lasagna? Do spiffy stuff with HTML? Learn to ski or just get more out of life? Then this is the place to be.

We are all experts in our own field. We not dispense advice and give orders, we say what has worked for us and invite you to take what you like and leave the rest. We encourage you to take responsibility for your own outcomes. However fantastic your results of using our methods are, we do not charge. This is because we are sooo incredibly successful and sorted, we don't * actually* need your money - how many gurus can say that? We can do this for nothing, and we invite you to join our circle and add your own contribution.

Did I hear you say that you don't think of yourself as an expert? Well, that's it - the *real* experts in life don't, do we? We are incredibly modest about our wonderful talents and achievements, as I'm sure you have noticed - and we *do* need people to come and ask all the interesting questions that will get us thinking and beavering away to come up with the really brilliant answers that will make us famous someday...so come on in, and enjoy Life on Earth!